At the Kollective Idea, it all starts with just an idea. We are a youth company who are dedicated to give performers the understanding they need to meet the challenges and requirements of their industry. We will provide you the inside perspective and experience to help build your idea into a future in dance.


We always start somewhere unfamiliar, unknown and unexplored. If we already knew where we were, what to do and how to do it, there would be no experimentation, learning and adventuring in life. We started The Kollective Idea with the simple idea to share our experience with others. Whether you are at the start or further along, we have been there too. The Kollective Idea is made up of award winning experts who have already developed in your field and are ready to guide you through the process needed to grow your idea and succeed in the creative industry.


Kei Ishii

Kei started dancing at ‘The Ritz Performing Arts’ at the age of 7 years.

A graduate from ‘The Space Performing Arts’, in Melbourne, Kei went on to take a place at the world-renowned ‘Ev & Bow’ Full-time Contemporary Dance Course in Sydney where he trained with Sarah Boulter for two years. During this time Kei assisted Sarah in choreographing many events including Dance Academy and the Arabian Games and was also offered a secondment with the Internationally famed ADT (Australian Dance Theatre) in Adelaide.

Kei was a member of ‘Legs on the Wall’ Contemporary Dance Troupe, performing in their production of ""Puncture" at the Sydney Festival in 2014. He has choreographed many short works which have been performed at festivals such as ‘Sydney Fringe Festival’ and ‘Short Sweet Dance’ and was also awarded ‘best choreographer’ at ‘Fast + Fresh 2013’.

Since returning to Queensland, Kei shares his knowledge in various contemporary techniques with dance schools around Brisbane. He has started his own youth company ‘The Kollective Idea’ to give young aspiring dancers the chance to perform in a company setting.

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